PIERA is the name of the singer and collaboration of the dark electronic-synth pop duo Piera Klein and Micah Plissner, residing in Downtown Los Angeles, California.


Their sound is informed by the combination of their diverse backgrounds: Micah a multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from New York City and Piera, singer, songwriter, composer, and California native with a globe-trotting history, their sound is electronic, underground, beat-driven, synth pop, with psychedelic undertones and haunting vocals.


The effect is both genre-defying and yet strangely feels familiar.


Some of the artists included on their playlists include KLAUS SCHULZE, THE SWANS, BROADCAST, SUICIDE, NEU, JON MAUS, THE KNIFE, DEPECHE MODE, TR/ST and PERFUME GENIUS.

"My most beautifulist sister goddess ... made a dank af synthpop record that’s killing me right now.. Puts me in mind of B.W.H., Q Lazarus totally

addictive."- @thisismariamckee

"Had David Lynch quarantined in Downtown LA, ["Unraveling" music video] would be the result.” - Alexander Laurence, The Portable Infinite, Radio KAJW