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PIERA is the name of the singer and collaboration of the dark electronic-synth pop duo Piera Klein and Micah Plissner, residing in Downtown Los Angeles, California.


Their sound is informed by the combination of their diverse backgrounds: Micah a multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from New York City and Piera, singer, songwriter, composer, and California native with a globe-trotting history, their sound is electronic, underground, beat-driven, synth pop, with psychedelic undertones and haunting vocals.


The effect is both genre-defying and yet strangely feels familiar.


Some of the artists included on their playlists include KLAUS SCHULZE, THE SWANS, BROADCAST, SUICIDE, NEU, JON MAUS, THE KNIFE, DEPECHE MODE, TR/ST and PERFUME GENIUS.

2021 was a game-changing year, as PIERA performed a series of live shows with the who’s-who of the 80s synth era including the Academy Award Winner for Best Song, BERLIN (“Take My Breath Away”), Chart Toppers, BOW WOW WOW (“I Want Candy”), OINGO-BOINGO (“Weird Science”), ABC (“The Look of Love”), Grammy Award Winners A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS (“D.N.A.”, “I Ran”), and Top Ten artist MARTHA DAVIS AND THE MOTELS (“Only the Lonely”, “Suddenly Last Summer”) catapulting them into the indie spotlight.


Prior to launching as an indie artist, Klein worked with an Emmy Award winning song writing team and was placed in a series of network TV shows. 

“We have excellent singers and excellent artists in the music business…often they are mutually exclusive. Piera Klein has it all. Micah Plissner supports her work with production that is spot on. I am always anxious to experience their new work.”

— Harry Maslin, Producer of David Bowie's "Station to Station", "Fame" and more...

"My most beautifulist sister goddess ... made a dank af synthpop record that’s killing me right now.. Puts me in mind of B.W.H., Q Lazarus totally

addictive."- @thisismariamckee

"Had David Lynch quarantined in Downtown LA, ["Unraveling" video] would be the result.” - Alexander Laurence, The Portable Infinite, Radio KAJW

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